Case Study: Learn Amp
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Case Study: Learn Amp

Runway East

17th August 2021

About Learn Amp

Industry: Software

Team size: 21-30

Runway East Location: Borough Market

Learn Amp is a People Development Platform that allows mid market and enterprise companies to manage their employee journey and onboarding experience.

Duncan Cheatle, CEO & Co-Founder, Learn AMP

What do you love about Runway East?

So many different things. Firstly, the Community Team. At other providers (not naming any names!), the staff on site seem put out if you ask them something. At Runway, it’s just the opposite, everyone is mega approachable.”

It’s the personal touches; the beer trolley, cakes… they go down really well with my team. It just feels really down to earth and that the RWE team cares about your business and employees.”

I know that my team enjoys chatting to other interesting people from interesting businesses. The serendipitous networking opportunities are great.

It just feels really down to earth and that the RWE team cares about your business and employees.

Any examples of real value we’ve created for you?

I was getting coffee and I overheard someone talking over the phone about learning platforms. I hung around and we hit it off, leading to a sales opportunity and a pitch! This kind of thing really does happen all the time at Runway East, and our team loves how you can run into all sorts of interesting other businesses.

Hybrid, all in or all remote?

We’re not all going to return full time to the office. We also know that we’re not going to go completely remote. The ideal for us is looking like 1-2 days a week in the office, with the rest from home.

Speaking personally, I’d want my time in the office to be for meetings and collaboration, not sitting at a desk.

One great thing about Runway East is the flexibility, so recently we’ve slightly downsized our desks on site but will almost certainly look to push these back up as we shift to more work being done in the office.

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