Case Study: Qualis Flow
Construction | Runway East

Case Study: Qualis Flow

Runway East

25th November 2021

About Qualis Flow

Industry: Software

Team size: 15-25

Runway East Location: Borough Market

Qualis Flow helps make construction projects sustainable and efficient using technology including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With automated data capture and analysis, they help drive both commercial and carbon savings and reduce risk.

Jade Cohen, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Qualis Flow

How have you been using our space?

We’ve been going for 3 years and had office space previously, but the pandemic changed how we used an office and what the purpose of it was.

We realised pretty quickly that we didn’t need to all be there every day, together, but instead, needed to be able to support the remote work we were doing with days where we were meeting face-to-face. This meant not just desks and chairs but creative thinking spaces, social and breakout spaces. With more of our team needing to come in from outside of London, we needed a space that would have great transport links (including rail), so the location of Borough Market was absolutely perfect for us.

All these things combined made Runway East a perfect place for us.

What do you love about Runway East?

Aside from the location, we really like having other startups and scaleups near us to collaborate and network with. All those things combined made Runway East a perfect place for us.

The roof terrace is so good. It’s a real highlight for us. But generally the quality of the space, particularly the communal space, is just great. We ran an event recently in Ground Control and we love that space. Professional but cool.

Any examples of real value we’ve created for you?

The quality of collaboration is so much higher than in the past. We’re working much better and faster because of it. The key thing we’ve realised is that working only in person or only remote doesn’t really work. Remote first with high quality in person and social time is now crucial for us and Runway East helps us do that.

We also really like being part of a business community and we’re looking to find partners within the community in the near future.

Hybrid, all in or remote?

We describe ourselves as a remote first company who also have a great office space. I think a lot of other businesses would see things similarly.