10 best hot desking places in Brighton

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8th December 2022

If you’re a freelancer, hybrid worker or WFH-er in Brighton or Hove, you might feel like you’re done with circulating the coffee shops (as lovely as they are). If you still want the buzz of working around other people but crave a more work-focused atmosphere, hot desking could be just what you need. 

But where to start? Don’t worry – we’ve scoured the coworking scene in Brighton for the top hot desking locations for you.


A great blend of professional and social, PLATF9RM has two casual coworking spaces — one in Hove and one on North Road in Brighton. You can book drop-in slots or go for a membership for regular access to all the amenities and perks.

It’s great for WFH-ers, freelancers and flexible workers.

You can buy a day pass for £25 per day, while memberships range from £49 to £320 per month.

Projects Beach

Projects offers flexible hot desking memberships in two great locations. The first, Projects Beach, features fancy, flexible coworking space as well as serviced office memberships. 

With state-of-the-art technology and speedy WiFi, you’ll be ready for a productive day. But for freelancers and remote workers who fancy a little adventure, this coworking space (conveniently located by Brighton Beach) also offers gym and fitness classes and paddleboard hire.

Coworking prices start at £100 per month.

Projects The Lanes

If you want a coworking space in the centre of Brighton, Projects’ second venue is located in the heart of The Lanes.

Those looking for a peaceful space to work will enjoy the chic facilities, cosy cafe and wellness classes. 

Prices start at £120 for a coworking membership.


An irresistible environment for creatives, ONCA’s stunning Grade II-listed gallery makes a great hot desk and coworking space in the heart of Brighton. 

As an arts charity, ONCA offers a flexible and low-cost workplace for artists, freelancers, charities, start-ups and any businesses with a concern for sustainability, ecology or education.

The price of a hot desk for one day a week is £68 per month, which lets you use the space during set open hours. You’ll also get to enjoy the garden, a communal area and kitchen, WiFi and a breakout room.


Searching for the ultimate family-friendly coworking space in Brighton? Look no further than WRAP on Queen’s Road. Designed especially to help families achieve a better work-life balance, this haven offers a flexible on-site nursery. It’s perfect for working parents and guardians interested in on-site childcare.

You can buy a day pass for £25. Alternatively, WRAP has monthly membership options, ranging from £105.00 to £350, depending on the hours you need and whether you go for a coworking option or a dedicated desk.

The Werks Group

The Werks Group provides affordable desks and has various central Brighton locations, including Werks Central on Middle Street and Pier Werks on Old Stein.

It’s ideal for those dipping their toe into the hot desking life and only need Monday to Friday 9-5 access. It’s also fab for creatives, offering a range of kitted-out rooms (including music suites and photo studios).

Prices start at just £5 for a half-day walk-in pass.

Plus X Brighton

Plus X is a seven-storey innovation hub on Lewes Road. It boasts lots of facilities, including hardware workshops and podcast studios. Members get 24/7 access, complimentary refreshments, fast WiFi — and you can also host events in their Launch Space.

It’s a good choice for start-ups and professionals seeking networking opportunities. And its unique set of facilities makes Plus X perfect for creatives in need of key resources (like printers and media suites).

Memberships start at £150 per month.

The Skiff

The Skiff is Brighton’s oldest coworking space and is popular with techies and creatives. 

A dedicated social space shows The Skiff’s emphasis on community, while hot desking rooms like The Engine Room are great for solo freelancers who want to get work done in peace.

Prices start at £29 per month and you can even apply for a free sponsored membership.


Spaces is a professional coworking venue just a stone’s throw from Brighton train station

With a variety of coworking and dedicated desk membership options alongside handy amenities like showers, meeting rooms and a snack bar, it’s good for those who want to cowork and occasionally meet with clients. 

Spaces is also a good spot for those with accessibility requirements and workers who commute into Brighton.

Prices start at £89 for five coworking days per month.

Freedom Works

Nestled just behind Hove station, Freedom Works has all the workspace, events space, site amenities and leisure facilities a remote worker could need.

It’s a great coworking choice for Hove-based freelancers, and remote workers looking for a community feel without having to trek into the centre of Brighton.

Plus, with hotdesk prices starting at £10 per half day, Freedom Works is a cost-effective coworking spaces in the area.

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