Looking out to Brighton Pier on a Summers day
Your guide to planning a company off-site in Brighton

Your guide to planning a company off-site in Brighton

Zachary Cronin

20th November 2023

Hop on a train and zip down to Brighton for a day where office life meets seaside charm at Runway East.

Bin the snooze-fest corporate jargon; we’re talking about coffee pit stops, scrummy pastries, and workspaces that are chiller than a penguin in sunnies. Smash through your to-do list from the comfort of a disco room or a hobbit hole, and top it off with a treasure hunt - because, why the heck not?

When the graft’s done, we're lobbing out the rulebook and nipping off for a cheeky pint at the local brewery – because that’s how we roll.


The day has arrived, your team has booked a private day office at Runway East Brighton. Let’s take a look at what your day may have in store for you. With trains leaving every 15 minutes from London Bridge, Victoria and Blackfriars it's an easy commute to the seaside town. It takes just over an hour from Central London, followed by a 5 minute walk from the station. 


Slept in? Didn't have time to grab a coffee before hopping on the train? Not to worry, Brighton has no shortage of unique coffee spots. If you’re heading straight to site, pop into Trading Post for a coffee on the go. A fan of the scenic route? Check out Real Patisserie for delicious pastries or Petisco cafe for a taste of Portugal, and a mean flat white. 


Upon arriving at the site, the community team will be on hand to get you sorted with passes and show you around the space. You’ll be brought to the office your team will be calling home for the day.

Feel free to explore, as the site features plenty of unique breakout spaces and nooks to get some work done in; it’s not everyday you get to send emails from a disco room or join a call from a Hobbit hole.

If you’re thinking of treating the team, why not have breakfast sent to the office - the community team can help you plan a coffee morning to get your team's day off to a great start. Sugardough Bakery are famed for their bacon butties or you could have a gorgeous spread brought straight to you by Bunch Catering


The boardroom at Runway East Brighton

Once everyone is settled and gotten a tour of the space you’ll have a morning of workshops in the boardroom. There’s 15 meeting rooms on site, with options to suit all team sizes. Not to fear for anyone who skipped breakfast, we can provide in-room catering. From teas and coffees to mixed platters from The Garden Cafe, hot plates from Green Fig or even award winning bagels from Bagelman (how boujee). There’s plenty of delicious options. 


Casa Azul in Brighton

Heading out for lunch in Brighton, you are going to be spoiled for choice. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the spots worth checking out. If your team members can handle the heat, check out Casa Azul tucked away at the back of Brighton Open Market. There’s also Sunbird Deli to suit all your vegan needs, the Meze is to die for. Why not check out Milk No Sugar and try their famous Bhan Mi.. If you’re up for some team bonding and a sit down lunch, it’s got to be North Laine Cafe.


Once the team is fed, it’s back to site for an afternoon of icebreakers and team bonding exercises. First on the agenda is a treasure hunt. Hope you paid attention on the tour this morning, as you are about to set off in teams to solve clues and find treasure dotted around the site. Think the undersides of sofas, behind plants and I would even check the fridge too.

Once your icebreakers are done you’re free to spend the afternoon catching up on emails or head straight to the first floor kitchen and grab a beer from the fridge.


Unbarred Brewery & Taproom as seen from Runway East Brighton

After a successful day on site, it's time to celebrate with some post work drinks. Luckily for you, Unbarred Brewery is just a stone's throw away. Pop in and take your pick from their locally brewed selection (Joosy is a Runway East favourite).

If your team is up for a competitive end to the evening, The Worlds End has just what you need. A 30 second walk from Runway East Brighton & Unbarred, look out for the giant Octopus mural. Get your Fast & the Furious on in their indoor race track and try to earn those bragging rights as the speediest in the office. If you’re sticking around for dinner, make sure to pop into Fatto O Mano pizza. It isn't a trip to Brighton without indulging in a slice (or two).

If you’re heading straight home, stop by Rebellion Pizza at the station and grab a slice from the UK’s first pizza vending machine (how fancy). Hop on the next train and be back to London in just over an hour. That’s the end to a successful team day out at Runway East Brighton.