A Day in the Life of a Community Associate

Runway East

1st September 2021

We spoke to our fantastic Senior Community Associate, Taylor, about supporting the team, having fun with members, and single-handedly trying to prop up Pret a Manger.

A typical workday 

07:30: I’m not a morning person, so I tend to get up as late as possible. I don't live too far from the office so I walk (pretty quickly if it means an extra 5 mins in bed) in most days.

08:30: Arriving at the office, I say good morning to Keh. Probably our most famous colleague, Keh is legendary around these parts. I’ll zoom around the building from top to bottom, and make sure everything is ready for our members. I want the space to look immaculate, drinks fridges are stocked, stationery is in the meeting rooms, that sort of thing.

10:00: Once I’ve done all my checks, I’ll hop on my laptop and see what needs doing. One of the really cool things about this job is that if there is an area that interests you, they’ll encourage you to get involved. They have complete faith in you and give you the latitude to try new things. I’ve helped out the marketing team by writing blogs, I’ve helped out the social committee to plan events… It really makes things exciting.  

13:00: I’ll head into St Nicks Market ​​. It’s right by the office and the best place to get food. It’s got a huge variety of everything from Japanese to Brazilian. They are all independent Bristol places, so it’s great to support local businesses too. 

St Nicholas Market | Credit:

14:00: After lunch, I’ll sit on Reception for an hour so other members of the team can have their break. I love this part of the day as I get to hang out with Keh, and tick off lots of little admin jobs from my list.

15:00: We’ve got a strong culture of training and professional development at Runway East. This afternoon our Sales Manager Kreena is over from the London office and is giving us ‘Tour Training’. This means how to show prospective members around the sites. I’ve also got a bit of time to work on my projects for other departments.

17:00: It’s Thursday, and that means Happy Hour drinks for our members in our cafe space. This is a great opportunity for the community to get together and the teams to mingle. Happy hour is officially an hour, but most teams stay a lot later. 

18:00: Time to walk home. I’m a big fan of cooking, so I'll usually get some ingredients on the way home and whip up dinner. I’ll then chill out in the garden or binge-watch a box-set.

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