A Day in the Life of a Marketing Manager

Runway East

14th August 2022

We spent a bit of time catching up with our Marketing Manager, Oli, to talk about what an average day at work looks like for him.

A typical workday 

07:00 – 08:00: The day begins, depending on when he can get himself out of bed.

08:30: Out the door and on the way to work. Oli takes the Victoria Line through Kings Cross, around a 30 minute commute. He uses this time to read, and says it is quite a relaxing way to start the day.

09:00: After stopping quickly to grab a coffee, the favourite spot being Monmouth Coffee, Oli makes his way into the office.

Morning in the office: The first stop is to check in with the team. Oli dedicates his first bit of time to checking up on how people are doing. It is a good way to hear what challenges the site team is facing and how the members are doing, both of which tie into the member/team satisfaction and brand integrity upkeep aspect of his role. It can also be useful to hear if any members are getting recognised or doing something exciting so the team can mention on social media.

Every morning there is a 15 minute catch-up meeting with everyone who is a part of the marketing team. It is both to talk about current projects/challenges and to check in with the members of the team and see how they are doing in their everyday life.

The rest of the morning is filled with working on on-going projects and attending meetings. Some examples of tasks include checking in on the paid media projects, multi-channel advertising, and new site openings. Oli also heads up the lead generation of the current focus sites, which at the time this article is being written are Aldgate East, Shoreditch and Bristol.

12:30: Lunch time! Oli heads over to Borough Market as it is just across the street from our Borough Market office. His favourite places to get lunch are the Black Pig and Tacos Padre.

Afternoon at the Office: Continues working on the tasks and projects started on in the morning, or start working on some that he hadn’t begun yet. Some more examples of such projects include working on and testing out CRO (conversion rate optimisation), which is making changes and seeing how that affects varies goals and user journeys.

The last thing he does before leaving the office varies through the week. During the beginning of the week he is generally just saying goodbye to everyone before heading out and at the end of the week he might stick around for a little bit to have a beer on the terrace.

18:00-19:00: Oli sometimes stays at the office a bit late before he heads out for the day. Three or four times a week he will spend some time after work getting dinner or going to the pub with family or friends.

21:30: He arrives back home, where he will relax for a few hours before heading to bed around half-past eleven or midnight.

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