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How can you offer a great team experience?

Runway East X Loopin

1st September 2022

Right from the interview process through to leaving their role, it’s never been more important to offer employees a great employee experience.

Not only can it help reduce turnover costs and improve outputs, a good experience can demonstrate great employee care and help recruitment efforts.

How can you offer a great team experience?

Put your people first

A recent report found that the number one reason employees are leaving their current jobs is down to toxic workplace cultures. 

Employees who don’t feel valued, supported, appreciated or listened to are looking for an employer that does value all of these things. 

Provide employees with a safe and social environment

Our legendary community teams create great spaces where people really enjoy spending time. From Cake Wednesdays to the drinks trolley on a Friday, the atmosphere is relaxed and caring so people feel supported. Oh, and we give people dog cuddles on demand so that helps.

On top of all this good stuff, our fun-loving teams also organise a massive range of themed events. From game nights and extreme bingo to big quizzes and task masters, we keep our teams happy.

Truly listen to employees

If your current approach to employee feedback is through quarterly or annual surveys, you’re more than likely missing crucial moments where employees need additional care or support, before they reach stages of severe burnout or disengagement.

At Runway East, we’re proud to recommend one of our incredible members Loopin, a Slack-integrated tool that supports employee wellbeing and mental health, through social connection.

With Loopin, employees can log their mood and emotions throughout the week, taking less than 15 seconds to check in. This allows team leaders and managers to spot when employees are trending towards stress or burnout in real time, before engagement issues affect business outcomes. 

Get to know your people on a deeper level

Understand exactly what motivates and inspires your employees, and ensure that their work fulfils their purpose. Showing the human side of the company is another vital change that needs to be implemented to boost the employee experience. Workers today want to know that their employers understand them and care about them.

Encourage employees to have a good work-life balance

Show employees that you care about their downtime by giving them the autonomy to set their own schedules or asking how they best work. Only by having a culture of openness will employees feel able to talk their team leader or manager about any concerns or frustrations with their current workload.

Show that you’re serious about diversity and inclusion

For this one, you’ll have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Have a zero tolerance policy to micro-aggressions and be sure that diversity and inclusion is part of regular conversations. You could ask for volunteers to create a team to meet regularly and be ambassadors for inclusion, sharing ideas and putting new initiatives in place.

Have anything else to add to this list? Join the conversation on social media. 

We've collaborated with Loopin, a Slack-integrated employee wellbeing tool, to bring you this blog. Together, we're exploring how organisations can implement new measures to improve the employee experience, particularly in today's hybrid world.