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We’re a group of startup enthusiasts on a mission to provide every high-growth company with the best office spaces in the world, and the meaningful support and connections they need to take off.

Our ever-expanding community of 1,800 members work faster, smarter and happier from four Runway East spaces in London and Bristol. Along the way they’ve collectively raised over £300m in funding, and multiple eyebrows.

We had the idea for Runway East because we noticed that whenever startup founders were together, energy, ideas and friendship were sure to follow.

We thought to ourselves, why should all these good things be limited to outside of work hours?

So we set up a coworking space just off Old Street roundabout, and something special happened. People bonded, people helped one another, people connected one another with help from their own networks, totally for free and without expectation of personal gain.

From there we’ve grown to four locations and over 1,800 people working and connecting in Runway East locations, whether it be in our open plan areas or in our private offices – the largest of which now accommodates 100 people, more than the entirety of our first space.

A runway is for taking off from, and we’re here to help you take off. Enjoy the flight. 


These are our values – we give them to every new employee on day one, and we ask our members to always hold us to them.

1 – COMMUNITY first

Our job is to get our fantastic startups where they want to be. At the end of the day, their success is our success.

2 – Give a Damn

We care fiercely about the projects and people we work with. We thrive on challenges, on excitement and on Getting Shit Done.

3 – We’re open

We’re honest, encouraging and hungry to learn. Every mistake we make is a chance to make what we do better

4 – Entrepreneurial

To us, entrepreneurial means taking the initiative. We’re a group of people driven by creativity, by the ability to spot opportunities, solutions, and new ideas – and by the excitement of trying to get those ideas off the ground.

Our values in full – dive on in! 

Psst: You can download the full deck HERE

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