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1 – Runways should be frictionless

As you’re hurtling towards take-off the last thing you need is to be distracted by minor problems. We understand how little entrepreneurs want to be worrying about printers and coffee supplies. That’s why we take care of all of the minor stuff and provide seamless environments within 200 metres of a tube station so that you and your team can get on with building the major stuff.

2 – Runways should be BUSY

You know how you feel when you hear the roar of your plane taking off? At Runway East the energy is infectious, and that’s because everyone from intern to founder is trying to build high growth, scaleable companies. We make sure everyone knows each other, we make sure there’s loads of social and vocational opportunities for people to meet – but ultimately what makes Runway East such an exciting place to work is the calibre of our members, and the energy, knowledge and friendship they gain from each other.

3 – Runways Should be Clear

We hate hidden fees – founders shouldn’t have to worry about how booking a meeting room might cost them £20, and then worry about having to do the paperwork for it at the end of the month. That’s why all our memberships include everything a high growth company needs. Yes, you have fair-use allowances for meeting rooms and printing, but unlike other companies, we really have put those allowances in only so that everyone gets an equal share of the resources. In 2017 we charged less than 2% of our members for exceeding their allowances.

4 – Runways should LET YOU TAKE OFF

You don’t need your take off to be constrained by an inflexible contract. You can serve one calendar months notice at any point on our dedicated desk and hotdesk memberships, enabling you to scale up and down with ease. Our private offices and scale-up offices come with the ability to serve two calendar months notice. On top of that, we will always prioritise our member’s growth requirements ahead of giving space to anyone who isn’t yet a member.


We (three entrepreneurs) started Runway East when we noticed that friendship, learning and connections flowed naturally whenever there was a group of entrepreneurs at a meal. So we set up a pop-up workspace that was exclusively designed to make space convenient, flexible and fun for entrepreneurs building high growth, scalable businesses – and we saw something unique happen.

People bonded, people helped one another, people connected one another with help from their own networks, totally for free and without expectation of personal gain. From there we’ve seen it grow to three locations and over 1000 people working and connecting in Runway East locations.

—Philipp, Natasha & Alex, founders of Runway East

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