we make great teams happier

Happier teams work better. But, like any good relationship, you have to keep the spark alive. 

We help teams bake delight into every day, with workspaces that put productivity, clarity and fun at the forefront. 

We focus on your happiness, so you can focus on your mission.

Our Story

We loved coworking. We hated coworking. So we knew what we needed to do. 

One night in 2014 a couple of tech nerds were once again up late, complaining that coworking wasn’t… quite working. We kept being told about the potential to create amazing spaces, to collaborate and properly innovate. And we wanted all that stuff. So why weren’t we having any fun?

We were desperate to combine all the stuff we loved about coworking: beautiful spaces for work and play to collide, being around exciting people who inspired us, the joy of working better, smarter, and harder together. 

But, there was stuff we hated too. We hated all the hidden fees, the complicated extras, the endless paperwork, the nagging feeling of being taken for a ride. So, we figured enough complaining. We’d build somewhere that sacked all that stuff off. No pretensions, no waffle, just honesty, integrity and a good time. 

At the opening of our first shaky pop-up, we switched on the wifi, opened our doors, and crossed our fingers. And – to our delight – discovered a whole load of people who thought just like us. 

It’s been 6 years, and we’ve grown to five locations, over 2,000 members and watched our companies raise over £500 million. We’re here to make good work, with good people. And we’re here to have fun. 

Proud to be full-frontal 


No hidden fees, no complicated caveats, just clear pricing and plain talking. 

We’ll show you everything we’ve got. 

Look at our locations, and let’s take it from there

Results, not riddles


Why did the chicken cross five email chains to get a price for an office? We have no idea, but it pissed us off as well. 

We like being practical. We get to the point, so you can make the right call.

Get the information you need (without losing the will to live)

Grow up


Just an option, that’s all. 

As your team grows, you’ll need more space. 

Private offices, break-out areas, bafflingly elaborate fountains – as and when your business needs it, we’ll make it happen.

You’re in great company


Our spaces are filled with brilliant entrepreneurs, founders and pioneers. 

Every new idea sparked over the coffee station pushes us all to work harder. 

Good company. We recommend it. 

Book a tour slot now, and meet your community.

We’ll take it from here


The worst part of office management is… office management. 

We want the day-to-day to get out of your way.

Fast wifi, drinks, snacks, cleaning, printing – we’ll take over your annoying to-do list, so you can focus on your mission.

The first step to friction-free space – just book a tour, and let us do the rest


These are our values – we give them to every new employee on day one, and we ask our members to always hold us to them.


Our job is to get our fantastic startups where they want to be. At the end of the day, their success is our success.

Give a Damn

We care fiercely about the projects and people we work with. We thrive on challenges, on excitement and on Getting Shit Done.

We’re open

We’re honest, encouraging and hungry to learn. Every mistake we make is a chance to make what we do better


We’re driven by creativity, the ability to spot opportunities, solutions, and new ideas – and the excitement of getting those ideas off the ground.

Our values in full – dive on in! 

Psst: You can download the full deck HERE

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