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How we make our locations COVID-19 secure

Look, COVID is a thing, OK. We know. But we've rethought how we manage the Runway East experience for our members to keep them safe, secure and happy.

We've only had a handful of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases across all of our sites since the start of the pandemic, and we'll do everything we can (with your help) to keep it that way.

Rapid testing

We provide rapid lateral flow tests for any members that request it, and we encourage all members to follow the government's guidance of testing twice a week.

Test & Trace

We ask all members to inform us of any confirmed cases of COVID-19, and we make sure that any nearby offices or individuals are informed.

Site modifications

We've changed how our offices are put together, from more spacious desks and flexible layouts to removing bottlenecks in walkways.

Enhanced ventilation

We've made sure that our sites feature enhanced HVAC (heating, ventilation and air cooling) and regularly check on performance to improve across all of our locations.

Enhanced cleaning

With more regular and thorough cleaning, to hand sanitiser and similar products available all throughout our sites, we keep it clean. Seriously.