How we think about the future of work

The working world has changed forever.

COVID-19 has meant that every business has had to rethink how their teams work.

But it’s employees – not businesses – that are driving this change. Individual employees now have a clearer say on how they work. Where, when, and even what they wear.

The biggest single change is the office.

Offices are still vital, but they need to change.

The office now has to be a place where teams want to work. Not where they’re forced to work.

Businesses that don’t accept this new reality risk being left behind.

People want flexibility and fun. Strict working in poor spaces will alienate top talent. And teams will vote with their feet.

The new workplace

Offices now need to be places that are all about:


As teams work remotely, it’s crucial they make the most of in-person time together. Workspaces should be designed to help people work collaboratively.

Team culture

You don’t need an office for your team to get tasks done. But leaders actively want them because they know how important they are for fostering team culture, spirit and common goals.

Safe spaces

Mental health has been hit hard by isolation and constant video calls. Workspaces need to be designed to feel safe for employees, and to help them decompress as well as work.


As well as a central base, employees may want the option of convenient hubs closer to home. And all spaces need to be easy to use at different times and days.

Flexibility first

The new office has to be flexible. That means:

Flexible contracts

No more ten year leases. 12 month (or less) contracts to suit an uncertain world.

Flexible Usage

What if I need a customised collaboration space rather than banks of desks? What if I'm hiring, or scaling? The answer to these needs to be: "no problem".

Flexible Working

How businesses are using us


A new, fun HQ

The most conventional. Businesses want a new head office. Increasingly, these new HQ offices are set up for better hybrid working, with specialist video conferencing rooms, minimal desks and more collaboration and meeting space.


Satellite Offices

Think that HQ offices are a thing of the past? Use a smaller private office or dedicated desks as one of several satellites closer to your teams' homes.

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