Hot Desks

From £199 per person per month.

Work, meet, think and (occasionally) drink side by side with fellow founders and innovators.

Perfect for entrepreneurs and flexible teams, our hot desks give you the perks of all-inclusive access to our community, events, spaces and meeting rooms, without needing to a commit to a permanent desk. It’s certainly a big step up from the local caff with the dodgy wifi, but without the hefty price tag of an office.

Available at: Runway East Moorgate

Dedicated Desks

From £399 per person per month.

Get your team set to scale with your own desks on flexible terms

Fair play, you want a place to call your own, but you’re not ready for an office just yet. Dedicated desks make perfect sense for you. With free access to our meeting rooms, events and services, they’re great for teams who want that sweet coworking atmosphere but want to be able to leave monitors, laptops and anything else on a desk that’s always theirs.

Available at: Runway East Moorgate, Runway East Bristol, Runway East London Bridge 

Private Offices

From £500+VAT per person

Delight your team, build your culture and grow your empire

Your name and logo on the door, a proper home, a private space. We make sure you’re kitted out with desks, ergonomic chairs and whatever you need to ramp up your unique company culture.

Flexibility is everything. Our contracts start from two months notice and you’ll have all-inclusive access to our communal spaces, events and meeting rooms. We take care of the space ensuring frictionless service so you can concentrate on what really matters.

Available at: Runway East Moorgate, Runway East Bristol, Runway East Soho, Runway East London Bridge

ScaleUp Space

From £400+VAT per person

Create your ultimate workspace, maintained flawlessly by startup experts

For teams that are taking off, our scale-up spaces are unbeatable.

Whatever vision you’re aiming for: be it a light and airy space with private meeting rooms, kitchen and break-out space, or a full-scale pitch and putt with nap pods and table-tennis tournaments- we’re here to make it happen. Ultimately, it’s about creating a space that makes you and your team happy, motivated and inspired.

We’ll create and maintain your ideal space, so that you only have to worry about being brilliant within it. That and losing at table tennis, obviously.

Available at: Runway East Bristol, Runway East London Bridge

“It’s a mile ahead of everywhere else. There’s a great sense of camaraderie between the founders here, where you can get amazing opinions from incredibly well qualified people, and it costs you nothing”

Daniel Murray

Co-founder, Grabble, Private Office Member

The stand out value in Runway East is the community; the impact of the connections we’ve made here cannot be underestimated, and the value add to our business easily runs into the six figures.”

Oliver May

Co-founder, Streetbees, Scaleup Member

Frequently Asked Questions


You can serve one calendar months notice at any point on our dedicated desk and hotdesk memberships. Our private offices and scale-up offices come with the ability to serve two calendar months notice.


We would hope....nothing. We understand that you just want to see one predictable bill at the end of each month, and that's what we strive to deliver. The only use cases in which you might pay extra would be if you went over your assigned meeting room allowance, which is calculated to reflect your teams size and the need to balance your needs with others in the space - unlike other spaces, we don't view our meeting rooms as a revenue channel - but we do charge you £10 an hour if you go over your meeting room allowance to make sure no one uses the rooms too much! In 2016 we charged less than 2% of our members for exceeding their allowances. There is also a fair usage policy on printing, which is still exceptionally generous - 120 b/w pages per person per month, plus 20 colour per person per month, and if you would like us to customise your office for you we charge modest fees for painting, building booths etc.


We have an online portal for our members which allows you to book meeting rooms - it takes all of 60 seconds to do it, and you can amend, cancel and add new bookings just as easily.

what are your opening times?

All our sites are open 24/7, 365 days per year. Our staff our onsite to troubleshoot any issues you have 9am -6pm every weekday, with 24/7 security outside of working hours.


We are for startups of the type described by Paul Graham of YCombinator in his famous 'Startup = Growth' blog post, and for the investors and corporate innovation teams that support them. Long story short: if you're building a business with the potential to grow really fast, or you're an investor or corporation who'd like to work with them, we'd love to host you.


Meeting rooms

Free access to meeting rooms for 4-14 people equipped with full audio visual capabilities, as well as break-out booths for on-the-fly meetings.

High speed internet

High speed internet into all Runway East sites, wi-fi throughout the building and ethernet connections by all desks.

Tea, coffee and water

CruKafe beans supply freshly ground coffee throughout the day, with a range of teas and fruit water keeping you refreshed.

Member events

Weekly drinks, learning opportunities and lunches connect you and your team. Hold your own events in our 120 person event space or attend the regular events held there for the wider tech community.


Regular Opportunities with Investors. Connect with a wide range of VC’s and Angel investors through regular Runway East investor office hours.

Room to relax

Putting green, table tennis and quiet zones aid respite and relaxation through busy days.

Cake Wednesdays

Every. Wednesday. Is. Cake. Wednesday. Served at 4pm. Demolished by 4.30pm.

Runway Feasts

Every month we celebrate a festival or a cuisine with a delectable feast for the whole community.


Cleaning throughout the day to keep the space tidy for you and your team.

On site staff

24/7 access every day of the year with on-site security, as well as community managers are available 9am – 6pm, Monday – Friday.


Free and secure printing, copying and scanning for all residents.

Member Benefits

AWS Activate

As an AWS Participating Organisation, Runway East startups can get $5,000 in AWS promotional credits and over $5,000 worth of business support.


Runway East members get exclusive access and rates with crowdfunding platform Seedrs.


Members get access to Sendgrid's Accelerate program, offering comprehensive support, networking, and
resources including access to their world-class email deliverability platform and
engagement tools.


Runway East members get exclusive access and rates from legal platform Seedlegals.

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