Enabling hybrid working
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Enabling Hybrid Working

Want to put in place hybrid working that actually... works?

Let's face it. Every business is going hybrid. From some (or even no) days in the office to at least some recognition of flexibility in working patterns, companies know that full-time office work is a thing of the past.

And if you agree that traditional office work has gone, that means you need a more flexible office space (like us).

How hybrid businesses use us


Sharing an Office

Pay only for when you use your office. We find another company to share an office with your team and you both get a private space on your terms.


Satellite Offices

Think that HQ offices are a thing of the past? Use a smaller private office or dedicated desks as one of several satellites closer to your teams' homes.


Encourage Collaboration

Adapt your office to make teamwork, brainstorming and collaboration a central part of your time.

Customise for Hybrid

We work with you to customise office space for hybrid working. From encouraging collaboration to call booths, drinks stations and relaxation zones.


Not sure where your business will be in 3 years time? 12 month (or less) contracts priced by the desk make it easy to scale your workspace to your team. Perfect for an uncertain future.


Book a tour (virtual, or, for bonus points, a REAL ONE) at any of our locations.