“You there! Boy! What day is it?” 


“Why sir, it’s Christmas Day!”


….Well not just yet, but December is here so it’s time to start thinking about celebrating Christmas with your team. 


Even if you are now a remote team with a virtual office it’s important to keep a cracking company culture, but how can we do this when we are observing social distancing?


I’m glad you asked. 


Here are Runway East’s Top Ten Virtual Office Christmas Party Ideas, buckle up! 

1. Remote Wreath Making


When we think of Christmas parties at the office, our minds might wander to the drunken fun we have had in previous years. This year however, having a Christmas apart doesn’t have to mean drinking, it can be an opportunity to choose a more wholesome activity. 

So why not get crafty? Hirespace are offering an online group wreath making activity to enhance your teams ‘closeness apart.’


2. Mulled Wine Magic


Around the festive season the smells of cinnamon, gingerbread, and even burning fires really help to get you in the spirit. Mulled wine is such a distinctive scent, I don’t think we can deny it is the essence of Christmas. 


So why not follow a recipe together over zoom? Whack the Bublé Christmas album on and enjoy a warming hand-crafted drink with your colleagues… all from the comfort of your own home!


3. Christmas Ceilidh 


For those of you unfamiliar, a Ceilidh is a traditional Scottish social dancing event. Usually featuring a live band and a dance instructor teaching the moves as you go.


This is a great activity for a virtual office party extravaganza! This way your colleagues can involve other members of their family or their flatmates – great if you have little ones who need entertaining as well! 


Here’s a taste of the music:

License to Ceilidh has a wonderful package if you are interested!


4. Christmas Costume Hampers


This idea is a bit more time consuming but makes for a comedic Christmas party! 


One great way to get your remote team invested in a virtual office Christmas party is to send them Christmas Costume Hampers before the event. 


Say your Christmas Party is Christmas Dinner themed… choose who will be your turkey, brussel sprouts, and roast potatoes! It’s a great ice breaker and a good way to make your team more comfortable. These hampers could also involve tasks like: 


At the end of your Christmas Party you can announce who has succeeded in their tasks, and reveal the winner of the challenge.


5. Parcels from Paddington


Christmas is a time for giving, so why not give to a good cause? 


Unicef are running a gift appeal for children around the world called Parcels from Paddington. You can choose five gifts (from measles vaccines to whole school sets) to send to children who need them most. 


So get your teams together to choose which gifts you’d like to send, and make a difference this Christmas.


6. Ugly Christmas Jumper Contest


Minimal effort, maximum impact!


The classic Ugly Christmas Jumper Contest will always provide you and your teams with a laugh! Simply ask your team to wear a cheesy Christmas jumper and voíla! You’ve got yourself a jumper competition. 


If you want to up the ante, you can even theme your Ugly Jumper Competition. “Grinch Green” or “White Christmas” and see what inventive ways your remote team adapt their jumpers to your theme! 


It’s a crafty Christmas this year!


7. Christmas Scavenger Hunting


Super easy, super fun! Take your team on a virtual scavenger hunt!


Make some riddles to solve  so that you can operate a virtual office christmas party scavenger hunt (wow what a mouthful.) I recommend a time cap, and a count-down structure, you can even add team rounds that include pictionary or charades with time forfeits to add a little festive spice to your hunt!


8. Christmas Bingo


I know what you are thinking ‘Bingo? Really?’


Yes! Really! 

Bingo is a great way to get the whole team involved in a conversation, simply send out your Christmas Bingo sheet ahead of time. The best ones are personalised to members of your team. 


For example :

9. Christmas Party Playlist


Christmas Party Playlists are an underrated way to break the ice at your virtual Christmas Party. 


Get each member of your team to add a song to your playlist (whether a Christmas song or not) and listen to the first 30 seconds then stop the song. 


Then go around your group guessing who picked what song! 


It’s a great way to bond and get chatting.


10. Christmas Karaoke


Using Sync you and your team can Karaoke this Christmas! A classic Christmas Party idea, and all available for a remote team. Sync will synchronise video and audio from Youtube so that you can Karaoke at home but still together. 


Super easy, and free to sign up to, Sync will create a room with a password and a shareable link – all you have to do is sing!


So, what’s stopping you? 

Just because we’re not together, doesn’t mean we can’t get creative for Christmas! Throw on your best Christmas jumper, whip up some mulled wine, whack on your favourite Christmas song and keep the festive spirit alive with your virtual office Christmas Party! 


Wishing you a merry yuletide, Runway East.


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