Female entrepreneurs are standing strong in Bristol. With tech on the rise in this busy city, there are plenty of incredible opportunities for women to get together and share their knowledge. Women rule. In fact, it’s been predicted that women could add as much as $28trillion to global GDP by 2025. Now that’s a stat we can get behind! 

We’re proud to host numerous female founders at Runway East, from Hannah Burrow, Founder of Kiroku to Gemma Young, Founder of Settled. Did we mention our own Natasha Guerra, Founder of Runway East? We’re booming with female talent – and we fully embrace it. Our Bristol site is home to some incredible women-powered startups as well, like the delicious True Start Coffee!

Are you a Bristolian? Looking for some connections in the female founder world? You’re just in luck. We’ve put together a cohesive list of some great networks and mentorship programmes that you’ll want to take full advantage of.




Women’s Tech Hub – Bristol

Women’s Tech Hub opens their arms to women and gender non conforming people and push for more gender diversity in tech. They host tons of events, helping people with career support, networking, and workshops to develop and hone their skills. By signing up to this awesome group you’ll be sharing thoughts and ideas with over 1,000 members and getting to grow and network in the Bristol scene with ease.

Girl Geek Dinners

Girl Geek Dinners Bristol is a social network you’ll want to stop by! Pulling together all sorts of geeky areas from technology to engineering, Girl Geek Dinners have been bringing wonderful women together for nine years. They meet up once a month with a talk from an inspirational female speaker – followed by food and drinks! Nom!

Girl Geek Dinners currently have 94 groups across the globe – so if you have to leave Bristol you can still stay in touch with this network of amazing women while meeting new ones as you go along. 

Women Rock

Women Rock is an initiative set- up by Alicia Teagle, Co-Founder of SR2 – Socially Responsible Recruitment. One of Runway East’s very own members! She started this initiative to combat the declining gap there is in the tech world. This group is a great place for women in tech to get together and voice their successes, challenges and more. 

 “I want to create a community of strong ass women in Bristol, a city that champions diversity”


Mentor Services


Cajigo is a mobile application allowing women to build skills and confidence through mentorship in either technology careers or leadership roles. Run by a lovely Bristol-based team of women and young girls, Cajigo allows you to interact with mentors by simply getting on your mobile phone. Another brilliant feature that we can’t ignore is the option for employers (entrepreneurs like you!) to recruit directly from the app’s users; helping more female employees get into the workplace. 

Girls in Tech

Girls in Tech allows female entrepreneurs to be either a mentor or a mentee. They have chapters all across the globe from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Bolivia. This impact org exists in order to help women fill the skill and gender gap in tech. They offer a wide range of experiences beyond mentorships including hackathons and startup competitions with no age or experience levels needed. 

Girls in Tech allow women to meet real-life role models who they can learn and grow from. Emphasising empowerment and education, this organisation is a winner. No matter where you are in your career – this is a non-profit to get involved with. 



Festival of Female Entrepreneurs

For the eighth year in a row, Bristol is hosting the Festival of Female Entrepreneurs. This event brings together tons of influential ladies to provide practical insight into how to grow your business. It’s all happening on October 18th 2019, and you can purchase tickets with the link below.


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