Natasha Guerra Joins 'State of the Market' Panel

Runway East

31st October 2023

BE News and DWF hosted a panel of property experts, including Runway East CEO Natasha Guerra, to discuss the current political landscape and what the future holds for the property market ahead of next year's general election. Following discussion of the party conferences, conversation turned to ESG and the investment outlook in the year ahead.

Natasha shared: "Pre-Covid, no one ever asked a single question about anything related to sustainability. Initially, it was landlords driving the conversation, who wanted their buildings upgraded to meet EPC targets. Now the conversation is being pushed by people coming into our buildings, and I genuinely don’t think we will be selling space that wasn’t meeting criteria."

This has happened in a short space of time where it’s gone from being on nobody’s agenda to being on everyone’s."

Towards the end of the discussion, panellists were asked about the single biggest challenge and opportunity over the next 12 months in the property market. Natasha said: "Opportunities are converting space that’s no longer suitable for other commercial use so flex can open a whole different market to customers and landlords. Challenges are managing growing operational costs, which are making it challenging to create margin."

You can read the full edited highlights of the discussion here on the BE News website.