AllWork Shares The Benefits of Cake Wednesday

Runway East

2nd November 2023

AllWork has written about the rise of alcohol-free events, as many co-working events tend to centre around alcohol. We were more than happy to talk about our famous Cake Wednesdays, which run at all of our sites at 3pm every Wednesday. The article relates this to the Swedish tradition of Fika, which literally translates in English as "to have a coffee".

Our CCO, Jacob Fisher, shared: "We pride ourselves on doing things differently and being as inclusive as we can. Cake Wednesday is a sacred date in the weekday calendar at Runway East — across our sites, and it allows our members to indulge in midweek mooch over a Bakewell."

Jacob Fisher, Chief Commercial Officer at Runway East

You can read the full article from AllWork, with more tips on having alcohol-free events, here.