Case Study: Grey Green
Events | Runway East

Case Study: Grey Green

Runway East

17th August 2021

About GreyGreen

Industry: Events

Team size: 11-20

Runway East Location: Borough Market

GreyGreen helps to produce some of the largest and best life science conferences.

Tony Lloyd, Co-Founder & CEO, GreyGreen

How did you find out about us?

We’ve grown rapidly from 2017. To attract people, we needed an amazing place, and we wanted both great working space and breakout areas. We heard about Runway East from various other founders and execs in the business community, so we checked it out, and loved it.

We were drawn to the Borough Market site as we loved the market and had lots of younger employees that really wanted to be close to it, as well as transport links.

When I walked around the site, I just thought “Thank God, this is the one I want!”. We had looked around five other providers, but Runway East just felt right.

For my team, it’s all about the community and facilities. They love all the extras, group events like yoga, perksetc. They feel at home, it doesn’t feel like a workplace. For me, the RWE staff and team have been a total joy to work with. I don’t want to leave and my staff don’t ever want to leave!

For me, the RWE staff and team have been a total joy to work with. I don’t want to leave and my staff don’t ever want to leave!

What do you love about Runway East?

We love the great community team, they help make the vibe so good. With so much WFH these days, I genuinely feel more energised just coming into in the Bristol space, I’m motivated by the conversations around me!

Runway East just takes so much stuff off my plate, which – as a business owner – is vital. Having a virtually all inclusive package saves so much time and faff. Not having to worry about things like security, cleaning and similar things is so good.

It’s also great to have the flexibility, especially in recent times, to scale up or down.

Have we helped you through the pandemic?

Runway East have been true partners with us through the pandemic. We’ve got a great relationship with the RWE team, which really came about because of their total honesty and transparency.

How do you think we compare to other providers?

Other providers we visited felt very serious and corporate, not lively at all. That or too wacky! Runway felt funky but looked professional, funky without being crazy. We liked it immediately.

I also loved how the Runway Membership team said yes to virtually everything when it came to negotiations and contracts. Flexibility and customisation were never a problem, and dealing with them was such a refreshing experience compared to other providers.

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