Looking for seed investors for your tech startup in London?

We asked the founders at each of our London coworking locations and compiled a comprehensive list of all the venture capital firms who act as seed investors in London. There are a wopping 67 of them who invest in startups at seed stage as of last updating this list a few months back.

Note: we haven’t included angel investors in this list, just Venture Capital firms in London, but there are many amazing angel investors in London who will take part in seed rounds. We recommend Angel List as the best place to source angel investors…and good old fashioned introductions from a trusted connection to get in contact with them (the same holds true for VC’s).

The list

01 Ventures

Focus: Deep Tech

Website: www.01ventures.com


500 Startups

Focus: Consumer commerce, Edtech, Cloud, Mobile, Foodtech, Bitcoin, Ad-tech, Fintech, Hardware, Drone, Design

Website: www.500.co


7 Percent Ventures

Focus: Enterprise and consumer SaaS, Internet of things and mobile apps

Website: www.7pc.co


Accel Partners

Focus: Software, Mobile, Financial Technology, Design, Big Data, Internet of Things, Security, Media

Website: www.accel.com


Active Partners

Focus: Consumer

Website: www.apeq.co.uk


Adapt Cocoon LLP/Mulberry

Focus: Green-tech sector with potential scalability in China

Website: www.adaptcocoon.co.uk/mulberry-green-fund


Accelerated Digital Ventures

Focus: Platforms, deep tech, direct sales (e.g. Stripe) – patient capital for industry defining entrepreneurs

Website: www.accelerated.ventures


Advent Ventures

Focus: Tech, Life Sciences

Website: www.adventventures.com


Albion Ventures

Focus: General Tech

Website: www.albion-ventures.co.uk


Fuel Ventures

Focus: Early-stage B2C and B2B companies.

Website: fuel.ventures


Amadeus Capital Partners

Focus: Hardware, Software, Web Hosting, Cleantech, Medtech, B2B, B2C

Website: www.amadeuscapital.com


Angel CoFund

Focus: Most SME’s

Website: www.angelcofund.co.uk


Anthemis Group

Focus: Fintech

Website: www.anthemis.com


Ariadne Capital

Focus: Property, Construction, Energy, Communications, Internet of Things

Website: www.ariadnecapital.com


Arts Alliance Ventures

Focus: Advertising, Games, Software

Website: www.artsalliance.co.uk


AXA Strategic Ventures

Focus: Fintech

Website: www.axastrategicventures.com


Balderton Capital

Focus: Mobile, Software, Fintech, Curated Web, HealthTech, eCommerce, Games, Marketplaces

Website: www.balderton.com


Ballpark Ventures

Focus: Mobile, Location Based Services, Apps

Website: www.ballparkventures.com


Beacon Capital

Focus: Multi-sector

Website: www.beaconcapital.co.uk


BGF Ventures

Focus: General Tech

Website: www.bgfventures.com


Charlotte Street Capital

Focus: B2B, B2C

Website: www.charlottestreetcapital.com


Conduit Ventures

Focus: Cleantech

Website: www.conduit-ventures.com


Connect Ventures

Focus: Consumer Mobile, Software as a Service, E-Commerce

Website: www.connectventures.co



Focus: Multi-sector

Website: www.crowdcube.com 


Dawn Capital

Focus: Fintech, SaaS, B2B, Marketplaces, Cloud, Cyber Security

Website: www.dawncapital.com


DN Capital

Focus: E-Commerce, Marketplaces, Enterprise Software, Mobile and digital media

Website: www.dncapital.com


Draper Espirit

Focus: Consumer & Commerce, Enterpise & Data, Mobile, Systems & Semi-conductors, Health & Wellbeing

Website: www.draperesprit.com


EC1 Capital

Focus: Ecommerce, Loyalty, Mobile, Fintech, Media, Enterprise, Social, Marketplaces, SaaS, Big Data

Website: www.ec1capital.com


EcoMachines Ventures

Focus: Cleantech. Energy, Transport, SmartCity, Circular Economy, Industrial High-tech

Website: www.ecomachinesventures.com


Eden Ventures

Focus: Software, Startups, Enterprise Software

Website: www.edenventures.co.uk


Entrepreneur First

Focus: Deep Technology

Website: www.joinef.com


50% of the way!


Entrepreneurs Fund

Focus: Life sciences and technology

Website: www.entrepreneursfund.com


Episode 1

Focus: Software, MedTech, Entertainment, Consumer Tech, Fintech, Services, PropTech

Website: www.episode1.com



Focus: SaaS/Cloud Infrastructure, Digital Media, Fintech and E-Commerce/Marketplaces

Website: www.firestartr.co


Forward Partners

Focus: Consumer transactional businesses and marketplaces

Website: www.forwardpartners.com


Frontline Ventures

Focus: B2B

Website: www.frontline.vc


Hoxton Ventures

Focus: Internet, mobile and software

Website: www.hoxtonventures.com


Index Ventures

Focus: Travel & Leisure, Software, Retail, Marketing Services, Fintech, Healthcare, Fashion, B2B

Website: www.indexventures.com


Initial Capital

Focus: Games, consumer services and technology enablers

Website: www.initialcapital.com


Invoke Capital

Focus: Technology

Website: www.invokecapital.com


JamJar Investments

Focus: B2C

Website: www.jamjarinvestments.com


Kennet Partners

Focus: Digital, Internet, Telecoms, E-commerce

Website: www.kennet.com


Kima Ventures

Focus: Internet

Website: www.kimaventures.com



Focus: Internet and technology companies

Website: www.lakestar.com


Lean Investments

Focus: Internet and mobile

Website: www.leaninvestments.com


London Venture Partners

Focus: Games – online, social, mobile and tablet

Website: www.londonvp.com



Focus: B2B

Website: www.martlet-angel.com


MMC Ventures

Focus: Business software, Fintech, E-Commerce, Marketplaces, Digital Media, Adtech

Website: www.mmcventures.com



Focus: Multi-sector

Website: www.northzone.com


Notion Capital

Focus: B2B SaaS & Cloud Services

Website: www.notioncapital.com


Octopus Ventures

Focus: Software, Hardware, Financial Technology, and Consumer Innovation

Website: www.octopusventures.com


Passion Capital

Focus: Fintech, Cyber Security/Infosec, Edtech, Health/Medtech and any other sector

Website: www.passioncapital.com


Pentech Ventures

Focus: FinTech, Cloud Management, SaaS, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning/AI, Algorithmic Management, IOT, Blockchain, Security, Robotics and Transportation

Website: www.pentechvc.com


Piton Capital

Focus: Multi-sector

Website: www.pitoncap.com


Playfair Capital

Focus: AI, cloud infrastructure, marketplaces, e-commerce, mobile

Website: www.playfaircapital.com


PROfounders Capital

Focus: Digital media and technology

Website: www.profounderscapital.com



Focus: Multi-sector

Website: www.saatchinvest.co.uk


Scottish Equity Partners

Focus: Internet, ecommerce, SaaS, e-healthcare, energy efficiency

Website: www.sep.co.uk



Focus: Multi-sector

Website: www.seedcamp.com



Focus: Multi-sector

Website: www.seedrs.com


Sussex Place Ventures

Focus: Software, Digital, Business, Deeptech

Website: www.spventures.com


True Start

Focus: Retail and consumer businesses

Website: www.truestart.co.uk



Focus: Multi-sector

Website: www.velocity.co.com


Wellington Partners

Focus: Food and Agriculture Technology, AI, Life sciences

Website: www.wellington-partners.com


White Star Capital

Focus: Mobile, Marketplaces, Affinity Networks, Communities, Bitcoin, SaaS, Gaming

Website: www.whitestarvc.com


Supremum Capital

Focus: FIntech, Internet and Real Estate

Website: www.supremum-capital.com



Focus: Biotech, Medtech, Life Science, General Health

Website: www.mvm.com


m8 Capital

Focus: Mobile Technology

Website: www.m8capital.com

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