So you’re ready to start raising for your next round? We’ve compiled profiles of 43 active Series A investors and VC’s based in London (or who have invested in London startups) who have led on Series A rounds according to Crunchbase, the leading platform for tracking startups and the people behind them, as well as what industries they’re interested in. In alphabetical order – there are over 40 of them!

01 Ventures

01 Ventures invest in deep technology startups who have already taken their product to market, have demonstrated early signs of traction and are looking to scale their business. They also provide a studio free of charge to their portfolio members. Focus: AI, Agtech, VR Prominent Series A deals: Valossa Crunchbase profile

500 Startups

500 Startups should change their name to 1,500 Startups because, so far, that’s how many companies they’ve invested in and to date they have raised a whopping $556M. As a global VC they have 24 funds worldwide and have 141 exits under their belt. Their Series A programme offers $100K – $250K and marketing guidance to boot. Given the vast array of Series A investments, below are just some their most recent deals. Focus: Almost anything but famously invest in FinTech, Consumer commerce, Edtech, Cloud, Mobile, Foodtech, Bitcoin, Ad-tech, Fintech, Hardware, Drone, Design Prominent Series A deals: Cleanify, Grab, StoreMaven Crunchbase profile

Accel Partners

One of London’s big dogs. Accel are a world famous Palo Alto VC with a London base and over a thousand investments.s who back a community of entrepreneurs. They have over three decades of experience and have been involved in 231 exits, with involvement in many of London’s unicorns over the last decade. Focus: Software, Mobile, Financial Technology, Design, Big Data, Internet of Things, Security, Media Prominent Series A deals: Dropbox, Slack, MoPub Crunchbase profile

Amadeus Capital Partners

Amadeus are known to enter investing rounds at any stage for in a variety of industries so have plenty of experience in Series A deals for startups. They have raised near $200M and have led on 40 investments. Focus: Hardware, Software, Web Hosting, Cleantech, Medtech, B2B, B2C Prominent Series A deals: Synthace, Crunchbase profile

Angel CoFund

Based in Sheffield, Angel CoFund have a particular focus  on Biotech and e-commerce. They are able to invest between £100K-£1M. Focus: Most SME’s Prominent Series A deals: Limejump, Form3 Financial Cloud Crunchbase profile

Anthemis Group

This London based venture firm focus on the financial industry and help a broad range of professionals, from entrepreneurs to academics. With 10 exits and 80 investments they are highly experienced in funding FinTech startups. Focus: Fintech Prominent Series A deals: Artivest, Flo Technologies Crunchbase profile

Balderton Capital

Balderton Capital claim the title of the largest Series A focused VC firm in Europe, with over $2bn in funding and over 80 investments. They are focused on ambitious entrepreneurs, disruptive technology and sustainable businesses. Focus: Mobile, Software, Fintech, Curated Web, HealthTech, eCommerce, Games, Marketplaces Prominent Series A deals: Jobbio, Funnel, Virtuo Crunchbase profile

BGF Ventures

Backed by the British Business Bank, BGF Ventures look for exciting and bold new tech with an open mind to any sector. They can invest between £1M – £6M and have a deep pool of capital for further investments. Focus: Fintech, Tech, Software, B2B Prominent Series A deals: Trouva, Aimbrain, Marvel Crunchbase profile

Connect Ventures

London-based Connect Ventures provide a plethora of investment types and have made nine series A investments to date. They focus on European companies with a mobile or digital grounding and have raised $21M. Focus: Consumer Mobile, Software as a Service, E-Commerce Prominent Series A deals: Curve, Side, Soldo Crunchbase profile

Dawn Capital

A UK- based group who focus on enterprise software and Fintech. They invest in companies across Europe and between two funds have managed to raise $180M in total. Focus: Fintech, SaaS, B2B, Marketplaces, Cloud, Cyber Security Prominent Series A deals: Automile, bitmovin, Crunchbase profile

DN Capital

This group operates across the European continent with a massive funding budget of $200M. They offer an investment range from $250K – $8M and like to focus on digital media startups. Focus: E-Commerce, Marketplaces, Enterprise Software, Mobile and digital media Prominent Series A deals: Cubyn, Caroobi, Hostmaker Crunchbase profile

Draper Espirit

Draper Esprit is a Pan-European venture capital fund that invests into disruptive tech companies at the early and growth stages. They are one of the most active venture capital firms in Europe with over 50 active portfolio companies and $1b in assets under management. Focus: Consumer & Commerce, Enterpise & Data, Mobile, Systems & Semi-conductors, Health & Wellbeing Prominent Series A deals: Graphcore, Resolver, Conversocial Crunchbase profile

EC1 Capital

As their name suggests, EC1 are based in the tech capital of Europe in central London. They focus on UK- based web and mobile startups with their investments ranging from £50K – £1M. Focus: Ecommerce, Loyalty, Mobile, Fintech, Media, Enterprise, Social, Marketplaces, SaaS, Big Data Prominent Series A deals: User Replay, Crunchbase profile

EcoMachines Ventures

EcoMachines Ventures is a VC focused on companies in the industrial high-tech, energy, resource efficiency, circular economy, smart cities and transportation sectors. As a London-based group they hold a pan-European focus in investments and have a global reach in terms of investment and corporate networks. Focus: Cleantech. Energy, Transport, SmartCity, Circular Economy, Industrial High-tech Prominent Series A deals: PointGrab Ltd. Crunchbase profile

Eden Ventures

Eden Ventures have been investing in companies since 2002 and can provide £200K – £3M on a Series A deal. The  invest in technology companies in the telecommunications software, enterprise software, digital media, e-commerce, internet and mobile sectors in the UK and Ireland. Focus: Software, Startups, Enterprise Software Prominent Series A deals: ResponseTap, Apertio, Invenias Crunchbase profile

Entrepreneurs Fund

Entrepreneurs Fund are life sciences and technology investors based in London. They have invested in over 40 companies and have led on nine of their own with €250K – €10M on offer. Focus: Life sciences and technology Prominent Series A deals: Realeyes, SmartKem Crunchbase profile

Episode 1

This a joint public and private venture with backing from the British government that seeks out software driven businesses aiming to disrupt industries. They invest up to £2M in Series A rounds and say that they like companies that are data-driven. Focus: Software, MedTech, Entertainment, Consumer Tech, Fintech, Services, PropTech Prominent Series A deals: CarWow, Triptease, Cluster HQ Crunchbase profile

Forward Partners

Forward Partners provide great startup events as well as Series A funding and have raised over $80M so far. They invest in Applied AI, ecommerce and marketplace startups and typically provide up £500K in funding. Focus: Consumer transactional businesses and marketplaces Prominent Series A deals: Appear Here, Big Health Crunchbase profile

Frontline Ventures

This fund, based in London and Dublin aims for B2B companies throughout Europe but also has a large US backing. They have €100M in the fund and have made 44 investments with 2 exits. Focus: B2B Prominent Series A deals: Roomex, Verve, Pointy Crunchbase profile

Hoxton Ventures

Based in the heart of London’s tech scene, Hoxton Ventures are tech to the core. Consisting of computer scientists and tech founders they consult their startups as well as investing between £250K – £2M. Focus: Internet, mobile and software Prominent Series A deals: Deliveroo, Behavox, TourRader Crunchbase profile

Index Ventures

Runway East has learned first hand about Index Ventures’ successes and how they invest. They invest across a wide range of sectors and have backed some big names in the past. At present they have over 13 funds with a collective total of $5bn making them one of the biggest Series A investors in the world. Focus: Travel & Leisure, Software, Retail, Marketing Services, Fintech, Healthcare, Fashion, B2B Prominent Series A deals: TransferWise, Citymapper, Adzuna Crunchbase profile

Initial Capital

Initial Capital label themselves as an atypical fund due to their network of investors providing their money for ventures. They are based in London and Silicon Valley with 50 investments to their name generating 4 exits. Focus: Games, consumer services and technology enablers Prominent Series A deals: miDrive, ImmersV Crunchbase profile

Kennet Partners

Kennet Partners provide investment for IT companies on both sides of the Atlantic and have managed to raise a whopping $285M to date. They are very experienced with over 30 exits on their books and are able to invest up to $20M moving past the Series A stage. Focus: Digital, Internet, Telecoms, E-commerce Prominent Series A deals: Receipt Bank, Conversica, Impartner Crunchbase profile

Kima Ventures

Kima Ventures are a particularly prolific group as they have invested in nearly 450 companies since 2010 averaging out at 2-3 investments a week by their own calculations. They are founded and backed by Xander Niel, founder of Iliad Group, who has extensive internet and telecommunications experience for startups and beyond. Focus: Internet Prominent Series A deals: Zenly, Dice, Soundcharts Crunchbase profile


Lakestar have a big financial backing from two funds amassing €350M and have made over 40 investments in the internet and technology sectors. They have a host of big names on their books such as Facebook, Spotify and Skype and are headquartered in London. Focus: Internet and technology companies Prominent Series A deals: Seerene, ShareIQ Crunchbase profile

MMC Ventures

MMC Ventures have 17 years of experience working in finance and tech with a funding pot of $169M to back it up. After an initial investment, they look to invest up to £10m in each of their companies’ subsequent funding rounds. Focus: Business software, Fintech, E-Commerce, Marketplaces, Digital Media, Adtech Prominent Series A deals: Echo, Peak, Elder Crunchbase profile


Based in Stockholm but with offices in London and New York, Northzone has been investing in tech since 1996. They have 25 exits under their belt and over $1bn raised to boot. Focus: Multi-sector Prominent Series A deals: Spotify, Bloglovin, Kahoot! Crunchbase profile

Notion Capital

Notion Capital is an entrepreneur-led venture capital firm focused on high potential businesses in the Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) markets. They have four funds equalling $370M and have led on 25 out of their 81 known investments. Prominent Series A deals:, Triptease, Adbrain Focus: B2B SaaS & Cloud Services Crunchbase profile

Octopus Ventures

Octopus Ventures is part of the Octopus group, one of the UK’s fastest growing investment management companies with more than £6 billion of assets under management. They look to invest from £250,000 to £25 million in a first round of funding and have invested across a range of sectors. Focus: Software, Hardware, Financial Technology, and Consumer Innovation Prominent Series A deals: Zoopla, GymBox, The Faction Collective Crunchbase profile

Passion Capital

Led by three big players in the startup tech scene: Eileen Burbidge, Stefan Glaenzer and Robert Dighero, Passion Capital have been personally involved in the largest European technology exits of the past decade. There is a heavy focus on finance but a willingness to invest across the board and they have a fund of $130M. Focus: Fintech, Cyber Security/Infosec, Edtech, Health/Medtech and any other sector Prominent Series A deals: Monzo, Adzuna Crunchbase profile

Pentech Ventures

Pentech invests in software companies, both B2B and B2C with involvement across a variety of sectors from AI to health. They have managed to raise over £150M in funding and provide £500K – £2M in initial funding for startups. Focus: FinTech, Cloud Management, SaaS, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning/AI, IOT, Blockchain, Prominent Series A deals: Nutmeg, FanDuel Crunchbase profile

Piton Capital

Piton’s sole focus is to invest in businesses that can benefit from network effects. They are stage and style-agnostic and will invest from €200k to €15m. Their main geographic focus is Europe and they are based in London. Focus: Multi-sector Prominent Series A deals: Talmix, Lantum, Move24 Crunchbase profile

Playfair Capital

Playfair seek out companies that aim to improve and change their users lifestyles. They have made nearly 50 investments across a variety of industries and have raised £30M to date. Focus: AI, cloud infrastructure, marketplaces, e-commerce, mobile Prominent Series A deals: DueDil, Festiticket, Crunchbase profile

PROfounders Capital

PROfounders Capital is a London-based venture capital firm focused on investing in early-stage technology-enabled businesses, but with a strict focus on companies that use technology to improve pain points for businesses or consumers. They have plenty of experience after investing across lots of sectors and have nearly 50 investments to their name. Focus: Digital media and technology Prominent Series A deals:, Onefinestay, Wundertax Crunchbase profile

Scottish Equity Partners

Scottish Equity Partners has $1 billion under management and a strong venture capital track record in Europe having invested in over 150 companies over the last 20 years. They have managed to invest in some big names such as Wayn, Babbel and SSP. Focus: Internet, ecommerce, SaaS, e-healthcare, energy efficiency Prominent Series A deals: Skyscanner, Wayn, Audiense Crunchbase profile

Seraphim Capital

Based here in our very own Runway East building, Seraphim are the world’s first venture fund dedicated to financing the growth of companies operating in the Space ecosystem. The fund is backed by a consortium of business angel networks and corporate investors from across the UK and the US.and they have a $90M fund. Focus: Space tech Prominent Series A deals: Aria Networks, Knowledge Mill Crunchbase profile

SPARK Ventures

SPARK Ventures, formerly NewMediaSpark, is an early-stage venture capital investor in Europe, providing equity investment to high growth technology, media and healthcare companies in the UK and Europe. They look to invest at Series A level in financing the gap between business angels and later stage venture capitalists. Focus: Technology, Media, Healthcare Prominent Series A deals: Simba Sleep Crunchbase profile

Sussex Place Ventures

Owned by the London Business School, Sussex Place Ventures offer investment and education for early stage tech startups. They can invest up to £1M initially and are keen on software and digital companies. Focus: Software, Digital, Business, Deeptech Prominent Series A deals: Launchpad Recruitment, Anacail, Admedo Ltd Crunchbase profile

Wellington Partners

This is a German-based group with offices on London  who focus on Life Sciences and Digital Media. They will invest at any stage but have a lot of Series A investments in their portfolio. They’re very experienced with over 150 investments generating 33 exits and a fund of over $200M. Focus: Food and Agriculture Technology, AI, Life sciences Prominent Series A deals: Onfido, Mapillary, Festiticket Crunchbase profile

White Star Capital

White Star Capital invest in companies across North America and Europe with a huge funding budget of $70M to do so. Their core areas of interest are underpinned by a belief in using data as a competitive advantage and they are comprised of founders who have successfully exited companies on both sides of the Atlantic. Focus: Mobile, Marketplaces, Affinity Networks, Communities, Bitcoin, SaaS, Gaming Prominent Series A deals: Echo, Meero Crunchbase profile



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