Struggling to keep up with the social media whirlwind? We’re not surprised! The social media game is a 24/7 business and no one person can do it alone. Which is where the machine comes in. Brilliant and wonderful machines that can post for us, tell us which hashtags to use and make our feeds look 100% better.

So what social media tools do the world’s best startups use? Luckily, we have access to startup insights from our 4 coworking locations – so we asked marketing teams directly what tools they use. Here’s what our marketing community uses to keep their Insta game strong, their Twitter feeds chirping and their Facebook pages a’ slayin’.



Tailwind is a visual marketing scheduling tool that’s brilliant for those who favour Instagram and Pinterest when targeting their audience. While automating posts and organising your feed before posting isn’t something that’s exclusive to Tailwind, what really makes this app stand out from the rest is that it schedules your posts at a time when your followers are most active. Combined with this ability and the hashtag suggestions that garner the most views, one of the biggest praises from Tailwind users is that it’s sent their engagement rates through the roof. At 9.99 a month for small businesses, it’s super affordable for startups but if you want to test the waters first they offer a free trial that lets you schedule 30 posts using Tailwind.



Favoured by the team at Runway East, SmarterQueue is great for businesses who use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Designed to save you time, you simply copy in the content you want to share across all channels in one go and you can even make slight alterations for each channel that you’ve selected, and then choose what time you want it to be posted. The best feature of SmarterQueue is that it has evergreen recycling. Each piece of content can be shared as many times as you choose, meaning you don’t need to worry about re-sharing old content. Simply select an expiry date and how many times you want the post to be shared and it takes care of all the hard work for you. Prices start from $19.99 a month.



Lately Social is great for agencies or individuals who are running multiple social media accounts. The programme allows you to manage up to 120 accounts from one centralised hub and uses Cloud importing, meaning it can be used from anywhere. Sync up your phone or Google Drive, keep all your media in one place and edit straight from the app before scheduling on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Price plans range from £0 for individuals up to £149 for the 120 accounts.



Fear not – we didn’t retype the same app as above. Later is specifically for Instagram and their selling point is that you can plan a week’s worth of Instagram posts in 20 minutes. Sold? Us too. Not only can you plan your feed and schedule your posts, but you can also create clickable landing pages and link posts to product pages, meaning if you’re a small business with products to sell then Later helps you drive traffic and track sales. One of the most recent features is that you can now visually plan and schedule your Instagram stories using Later and even track the traffic generated from them. With pricing plans starting from £0, this is a great tool to try if your target audience are usually found on Instagram.



Hubspot is the all-in-one marketing software that’s proved popular with many of our marketing teams – and for good reason. The software covers lead management, email marketing, blogging and SEO, ads, sales and so much more. The social media feature does all the usual things you would expect, but also enhances your social media engagement by showing you real interactions that are going on with people in your database, allowing you to reply and start conversations with your customer. Another great element of Hubspot is that the software integrates your marketing with your CRM too, so you’re able to see the number of visits, leads, and customers that each social media channel is generating for your company, meaning you can create a truly effective social media strategy.



Hootsuite is one of the only tools on the list that allows you to manage all of the major social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn. Not only can you schedule and analyse posts across all channels in one centralised place, but the team management tool allows larger marketing teams to collaborate, assign tasks and work together efficiently. The plans start from £25 a month, ranging from plans for professionals all the way up to enterprises.



Crowdfire goes one up on Hootsuite, offering content organisation and scheduling for all of those channels plus WordPress, Etsy, Shopify, Medium, 500px and Vimeo. Whew! If you’re a team who shares a lot of content then this is the one for you. Crowdfire’s great because it has all the features who would hope for but also saves you time on content research too. It automatically finds and recommends articles and images that both you and your audience will love, meaning you’re kept fuelled of ideas but also have extra content to share with your customers. This is a great tool to keep those timelines buzzing.



An oldie but a goodie, Buffer is a tried and tested tool that gets the job done. Schedule, publish, reply and analyse – whatever it is you need to do, it can all be done on Buffer. Posts can be re-shared, specific content can be tweaked for different channels and the calendar view allows you to easily visualise and plan any upcoming content. Plans range from £0 to £399 monthly and they also offer a free 14-day trial of their Buffer for Business programme, which connects 25 accounts and allows you to schedule up to 2000 posts per account.


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